Salt and Light, Part 1 - Win the Day

Salt and Light, Part 1

Air Date: 8/12/20 - The truth about Jesus tells us the truth about ourselves!  And today Pastor Nat Crawford draws on that truth to help you understand the believer’s role as “salt and light” to a needy world. Discover a new dimension to your faith as you listen.  

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Linda - check these out!
i love your post but i want more of the bible quiz i use it for my sunday school class thanks
Found this teaching to be thorough and to the point thank you.
Hi thank you for the teaching was a really good message I come from a very religious background some things a very hard for me like when I hear something or when I see something I always have to thank and not to judge sometimes it is overwhelming
We are the sat of the earth, salt has flavor when it is use properly. We are the light of the earth, when you turn the light on in the room the whole room lit up all the room.
Christ said.." they will hate you , because they hated me." With certain people around me , the more I grow spiritualy...respond in peace , not react from unhealed wounds....I have hostility directed at me. I would consider these enemies because they are enemies of the I was. To stand up at my past church...speak truth...warned of wolves in sheeps clothing....and false doctrine.....yes , those who rejected truth....took the stance of , I shake the dust off my sandals , walk and don't look back.....God will work on His defence.