Running for the Heavenly Prize, Part 1 - Win the Day

Running for the Heavenly Prize, Part 1 

Air Date: 9/15/20 - Pastor Nat Crawford reminds you that spiritual growth doesn’t just happen – It’s intentional.  Get a handle on making a spiritual growth plan for your life as you listen to Pastor Nat’s message, followed by helpful discussion with Back to the Bible CEO Arnie Cole and Author Cara Whitney. 

Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford 


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Philippians 1:11 Filled with the fruit of righteousness that come through Jesus Christ, to the glory and glory and praise of God. This should be our(Christian ) motto.
I’m a Catholic. My daily regimen starts with daily Mass. Then I listen to a few hymns. Throughout the day I do some bible reading. I know I could be better at that. I also meditate usually twice a day. I pray for my loved ones and for the intentions of others.
This has me thinking about something I need to put aside in order for me to run for the heavenly prize. Heavenly Father help me to keep my eyes on you, in Jesus name. Amen!
I need to work on mine better.
Pastor Nat here. What does your training regiment look like?
It put me in challenge about my xtian journey.