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Rest and Peace

Air Date: 12/23/20 - In today’s episode, Nat Crawford looks at the toll this year has taken on so many of us who now feel tired, in fact, exhausted.  While the extra load of responsibilities and concerns may not go away, Jesus offers rest and peace in exchange for your burdens.  Will you let Him carry them? 

Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford


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Thank you Pastor Nate, this s=is what I really needed for today and everyday.
Jesus say come to me give me all your Prayers, needs, wants, thoughts, desires, burdens, I will help you trust me give surrender your "all" to me hand in hand "I" will give you peace and rest. Each new day Father I surrender my all to You, I follow hand in hand at your right side, as You Lead me in Your Amazing Grace, Your Will, Way, Path and Perfect timing. I will eternally Trust in You alone Father. For Lord I build on on Your Foundation and stand on You are Solid Rock. I believe you Father I will not be shaken or moved in Jesus Mighty name Amen
Thank you Pastor Nat. Encouraging indeed to learn to trust God at all timed., to know God is waiting to absorb any obstacles in my life. Thank you Jesus. Amen
Wonderful job planting that seed Bill!
Good message of salvation. I laugh a lot & make ppl laugh around me. In my yearly checkup the nurse commented about my demeaner which allowed me to to tell her it's joy from within like a spring well that never runs dry. Whereas a lot of ppl try to get that kind of joy from outside sources but never satisfies. Thats basically what I told this nurse. She said to me, wow I like that, where did u get that from? I could of done a better job of witnessing right there but I just told her from the Bible & didn't say much more on it. It was still a seed I'm sure the Spirit will build on it. Nice message Nat.
I want to walk with you Jesus.
In Jesus Name I Pray, Amen Amen.
You speak wonderful words of God and I appreciate it! Thank you and God Bless you and you ministry! Amen!
There is nothing like the peace that He gives when we genuinely surrender to Him!!!
Amazing. Amen.
Thank you for your perfect peace , Lord Jesus .
Thank you
Lord, I surrender all my burdens and cares to You and gladly rest in Your peace and joy today! Thank You that You're my Deliver and my God. I love You! Amen!
Thank you Jesus for loving us so much and taking our burdens away Amen