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Release and Respond


Air Date: 3/19/22 - Is planning a sin? Is trying to control the mark of a Christian? Join Pastor Nat for the hard answers.


Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford

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3 months ago
Lord Jesus, all our plans can come crashing down in seconds because of Your superior plan for our lives. So help us to turn to You instead of acting as if we are in total control. Take the lead role in my life and make me know that in all my ways I must acknowledge You.
4 months ago
Maybe I should never plan anything in my life. What do you think?
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4 months ago
I don't think that's what James is saying. I think we need to 1) align our plans/lives to God's will. 2) Plan accordingly but do so in pencil and not pen. 3) Trust God when plans don't go as we see fit. This is not easy but it's the best way.
4 months ago
My son’s family moved to a brand new and bigger house four months ago. It is my prayer that my son open the door of his home for bible studies most especially to the unchurched and unbelievers.
4 months ago
This reminded me of something I wrote in my journal on 12/7/20…” I will let down my sails and TRUST God to blow me in the direction where He wants me. I won’t try to make things happen my way. I will have FAITH and PATIENCE and be happy every day. Amen 🙏🏼
A lot has changed since that day. I am in a place I never could imagine. My husband passed away almost 1 year ago today. I’m living a different life totally. I’m trying harder and harder to put God first and in everything I do.
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4 months ago
My husband died 5 years January 27th after 32 of married That whole month I get so sad but God is working on me everyday it get better I am 67 and it it hard to start over but I have my grandkids a girl and a boy I am raising God will heal your heart my sister in Christ much love amen
4 months ago
Father God, please guide me along this relationship or lack-there-of with my wife. I’m letting go, to let You see my way thru as only You can do. I’m weary, tired of fighting for Love!
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