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Receiving Grace, with Grace

Air Date: 12/11/20 - What is your response to grace? “I am the Lord’s servant” was Mary’s response, and Pastor Nat encourages you to receive God’s blessings in the same way. Discover the value of one of God’s greatest gifts, and how to use it to glorify the Giver!

Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford

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I am lord servent,fully encouraged by these words_favoured grace& Immaniyelu.praise the Lord.thank u
I am the Lord's servant, and do what his will is ti please him. and homor him.
Lord thank you for sending your son to save Me Lord I am listening But it always seems like it's just one big scramble Lord don't give up on me I am your servant
Thank you for God's Grace. It is free no borders let me just accept it. Amen
Thank you pastor net
We need to pray for those who don't believe as we do.
Today I say, “I am the Lord’s servant.” Thank You Jesus for Your Grace! - God’s Riches At Christ Expense!!!
Thank you Lord for your grace!
Amen. I like the Friday reflections on Advent.
Yup, we can drop the ball thankfully we have more than just 3 down's & a 4th if u want to go for it w/ additional risk. Yes Mary was just like us she wasn't deity she wasn't w/out sin and wasn't assumed into heaven after death AND never appeared to some kids in a field. Which was the work of Satan bty who can appear as a angel of light. And we don't pray to her bc she has her son's ear. (My VA. doctor told me that one) I tell my Catholic neighbors that too I do get them to scratch their heads lol P.S. I had to edit so to place a small 's' on Son bc it was in context of Mary's 'humanity son' legal son not spiritual Son. I think it's more correct that way.
Thank you Lord God for your love and Grace, I am a servant!
Thank you God for loving us sending your son for us.
Wow I love this