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Real Sexual Fulfillment


Air Date: 11/19/21 - Is sexual sin a real thing? What does it look like? Is it a big deal today? Join Pastor Nat as he turns to the Bible for the answer.

Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford 

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2 months ago
thank you
7 months ago ( updated 7 months ago )
Dear lord help us to be pure in our hearts with God. Let us not condemned to sins, help us to focus on committing our hart to christ our savior jesus. Amen
7 months ago ( updated 7 months ago )
This video was very encouraging on the surface, but unfortunately doesn't really offer any practical steps towards finding freedom from addiction, bondage, or sexually compulsive behavior. Millions of men and women go through a cycle of shame, repentance, & repeated behavior. Because they don't know how to actually find true and lasting freedom. There are so many ministries out there that offer specific help. I would encourage people to look to ministries like Jay Sringer's "Unwanted" book, Small Groups Online, Purity For Life, Covenant Eyes, XXXchurch for more specific practical help. I understand your intention in posting this video, but for millions of people it's not as simple as just "rejecting" the temptation or praying harder. There's wayyyyyy more to it including understanding the WHY behind what you're doing.
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7 months ago
Agreed. And in five minutes we can't unpack and resource as well as we might in a normal message. There are great resources available. Sometimes counseling is necessary. Most of the time accountability is crucial. As Paul said, "Flee" from it. That is part of it too. And, we know, that the renewing of our mind in God's Word means life transformation. According to ot the Center for Bible Engagement, if a person engages in the Bible 4 or more times per week, 59% of people struggle less with pornography! So it's a combination of these things. Another great resource is New Life Clinic. Thanks for your feedback!
7 months ago
Lord Jesus, I need Your help in averting sexual temptation in my heart so that I may stand before You, seeking Your forgiveness out of a pure heart. Remove my penchant to being enticed through my eyes, and let me see You in every creation.
7 months ago
Thank you for the message Lord you know my heart Remove everything that is not of you And Jesus name Amen
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