Quit Living Like a Beggar

Air Date: 1/29/21 - Quit living like a beggar when you can dine at the head table!  Pastor Nat appeals to the hearts of believers who sometimes live in spiritual poverty when, in truth, we have access to unlimited spiritual resources.   Let Christ make His home in your heart today!  

Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford


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Thanks for this message.
Hey Donna. In March, we will have Monday through Saturday messages, but Sundays will remain off for local church services. Thanks for asking!
@Donna - Thank you for your question! Currently we have the programs on Monday-Friday but we are discussing expanding that soon to include Saturday but keeping Sundays open for people to participate in their church services!
Thank you great message.
How do I receive on weekends?
Thank u n God bless u
i want to draw nearer to God, to be able to feel his presence always. Sometimes I feel as if i'm stuck not going anyway. Thanking God each day for his mercies, and faithfulness. i know i don't deserve it, but He still loves me
God is merciful and gracefulness.
Yes, I study from the ESV and NASB and generally preach from the ESV. For this program, I use the NLT which I like for its readability. Great thoughts, Joey!
Thank You Pastor Nat I read the the verse you read I guess we're reading different versions. I read only KJV and NKJV. In saying this yes it is similar to the version you read. For me I want God to draw in Faith in my heart to keep me in His Love. In keeping in His Love, we do all things in His Love through that Faith we Pray to draw neaier to The Father. We all fall short of The Glory of God sometimes because we are not and will never be perfect! Only Man who lived, died, rose again Living in us we His children is Perfect. Father each new day You open my eyes and first words are Praise The Lord Praised The Lord Praise be to The Father Son and Holly Spirit, Praise be in Jesus Christ name our One True God, Thank for Blessing me with this new day to start refreshed in The Life You Father Restored, Refreshed and Renewed as I rested in You saying Goodbye to the night Grateful for a New Day to Lift You up and Inspire with Love in You Alone Lord. Please God Bless and teach me today this new day in Your Will Way Path and Perfect Timing Refresh me to mediate on only The Holly Powerful commandments Gospels Scriptures Truth of You. Then allowing me Father stop chasing after everything You longer want me to. Lift me Lord to rise for only You into Your Amazing Grace so New. That Father You will make my way safe in You, to teach me to become more like You in every way. As You lead I follow in Your Mighty Footsteps singing and dancing Praising Your name. Knowing as you lead me You are My Strength, Heart, my Every breath I breathe. That You will Bless me to all I do with Love for You. I know I fall short but it's that touch Father of Your Hand that reminds me You have got me it will be as You Will. I Love and need You every moment please keep my eyes wide open fixed and locked on You. Thank You Lord in Jesus name Amen
Coffee as always! It's the jet fuel of champions!
Being part of the Family.
Is there any liquid in the cup?
I love knowing that He loves me and has the perfect plan for my life because of that love.
Great stuff! Love the analogies
God is our endless source!
Beautiful message about how we receive more of riches!!
I love His presence the most. I look forward to our time together every day, just God and me. Then I experience His presence during the day. This was not an easy change to make and it certainly was not an immediate change; I had to grow in it. I have not fully mastered it yet either. But our time together has become a very personal thing for me and I won't trade it for anything.
Thanks for the inspiring message.
Happy Friday! What do you love best about being a child of the King?
Well, the good news is you're not alone. We all struggle with this. It's easier to surf social media or watch another episode on Netflix than to live like children of the King. That's why we gather together as a community here. It helps get us going and creates disciple to keep on growing. God bless!
Wow, Clyde. That is devastating, but not defeating. I'm glad God's Word moved you today. Watching a church split is a hard scene to watch. At times, it can be necessary over matters of doctrine, but often it's pride and personality. I pray you keep moving and keep pursuing our King!
It's God's Word. I simply get to be the conduit of His Word. Thank you, Father!
Pastor Nat, Thank you for another good and touching message. As a believer I hate to admit my spiritual shortfalls. I know I should be spending more time reading and studying His word. Or to check on other believers via a phone call, text or an email. Instead of eating dinner if front of the TV watching none sense programs. "Draw near to God and He will draw near to you." This verse is a good reminder to seek Him 1st.
Thank you Pastor Nate for reminding me to get closer to Jesus. My spiritual life came to a screeching halt this past year as we had a massive split from our church. People left following one man. My wife and I and another couple stayed with our church. We were the only one's left and the senior pastor had to come and take over the teaching. It hurt all of us greatly. I lost my fire so to speak. But I know I need to get closer to God, and to revive that flame. I do have the app and I use this website a lot. Thank you again for the encouragement!! Clyde
Thank you, Lord. Amen.
Thank you
wow, this is awesome, the words are so good to hear, bring us right back to where we should be, thank you, so much for your wise words! May God bless you and your ministry always! Amen!
Thank you!