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Press On

Air Date: 12/28/20 - If you find yourself drifting spiritually, let today’s episode pull you back onto shore.  Pastor Nat shares from Philippians to help you regain proper navigation in your spiritual journey and to encourage you to press on!

Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford


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Thank you
Amen, keep our eye on the prize.
Pastor Nat, sometimes "the going" gets tough, and I struggle, but deep within me, I know that "giving up" is not an option! I know with certainity, "God didn't take me this far to leave me"...I am pressing on! Lord, thank You for having Pastor Nat shared this encouragement with me today. Please continue to strengthen and keep me close to You, "as I press on towards the mark/goal. Thank You for being my Shepherd. Amen!
So helpful!
I really needed to hear this Thank God Amen
Keep me focused God daily, I never want to stray away from you, help me to keep on the straight path, in the mighty name of Jesus, Amen!
Thank you Pastor Nat, for this encouragement.
Wow. This is exactly what I needed this time. I feel just like I'm stuck. I have drifted so much. Thank you for this message.
Thank you Pastor Nat. Encouraging indeed I shared this with my outreach group, 2 days ago. God help me this is my goal. 'Go Tandem' was the God sent discovery for me on searching. Thank you Jesus. God bless this team as we enter into 2021.