Prayer, The Best Reaction

Air Date: 1/28/21 - How will you react to the overwhelming realities of life today?  By panicking? Complaining? Trying to control?  Pastor Nat encourages you to use prayer instead, your supernatural access to the Creator of heaven and earth.  He’s listening!

Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford


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Thanks, Shirley! Let me know how it impacts your perspective!
When times get tough, be on your knees anf=d pray.
I love you Lord Thanks for your reassurance. Please help me and the whole wide world lead us in the right direction in the name of Jesus Christ Amen.
Thank You Pastor Nat what a Blessing to be a "coach" for The One Almighty! Heavenly Father I turned to You in all things. Yes in The Joy and in the storms, yes as You Father I worry about the storms. But it's then You remind me that Your Mercy's and Grace are made New each morning come what may You are alive within in me. Each new day Lord I surrender let go giving all my Prayers, needs, wants, desires and ever burden known and unknown to You alone. Thank Father for in doing so I know whatever comes my way You are with me, Your Leading me hand in hand as I follow into Your every Mighty footsteps. It is because You are my Love, Light, Hope, Faith, Strength, My every need. I go because You go Lord knowing that when that storm hits My God is with me Fighting for me and I can't loose for You Lord have already won every battle that tries to come my/our way. I will Rise for You Lord head up, hands up as I sing dance Praise and Bless Your Holly Name. For in You Lord I am never alone never without so I lift You with real true Love to Inspire encourage all I see in You Father. Thank You Lord for allowing me to lean into You rest only in You. Letting all go giving surrendering all to You knowing I always let God. In Jesus name Amen
I will talk to God more quickly now
I will cast my care to Jesus he cares so much for me.
Thanks for the inspiration today!
Like breathing! A wonderful blessing and privilege!
You are welcome, Peter. I am both challenged and encouraged when I study and prepare for these. Then when I hear them, it happens again. A double dose of conviction!
My son is quite the prayer warrior. He talks with God all the time. He reminds me often to pray and not worry. Let's encourage each other to first look at and talk with Christ in all circumstances.
It's easy to look at the trouble around us and become overwhelmed. And when we focus on the troubles they seem bigger than they are. When we take our eyes off of God, God seems a lot smaller than He is. I pray we turn to God first and never take our eyes off of Him.
Pastor Nat, Thank you for another good message. With easy access to the internet I find myself running to Google to see what others are saying about the same issue I might be facing. This was a great reminder to run to The creator of heaven's and earth before seeking human's prospective. May God Bless you and continue to use you!
Last night I talked with my sons about prayer. How important it is to have fellowship with God. Fellowship means relationship. It means walking with God. It means talking with God. It means listening and responding to Him. A true privilege!
Isn't that wonderful. We have access to the God who never sleeps and always cares.
Thank you Pastor Nat for the reminder that we need to pray without ceasing in all circumstances and our Lord hears, listen and answer our prayers. Amen
Thank you for taking your time for these daily teachings. They help so much and are so reassuring. Todays was a blessing
Amen! I am the one walking the halls at work and never ceasing to pray. Thank you for your inspired words Pastor Nat!
Pause and talk to my Savior. Thank you
Good morning and thank you for a very timely podcast today. Seems like I am in panic mode lately so will work on reversing that today by praying. again, thanks.
Thank you, Lord. Amen.
Thank you for these devotions. Prayer is such a powerful tool that is available to us 24/7. And, its so easy....just talk to God and he always listens!!
Thank you ... I can now download
Thank you pastor nat
Thank you for all your hard work on this!
God is always ready to communicate with us. He both listens and speaks, so we are never alone in any situation.