Patriarch or Prostitute? - Win the Day


Patriarch or Prostitute?


Air Date: 3/4/22 - What must we do to earn favor with God? What must we do to be used by God? Join Pastor Nat for the surprising answers.


Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford

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4 months ago
Lord Jesus, I need your help with this. I don't know what works I have to do to prove that I'm saved. Would you please help me with this? In Jesus name I pray. Amen.
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3 months ago
Hi Kyle,
I don’t know if you’ll see this, but my experience is that when you let God take control of your life, He will prompt you to do good works. For me, when I see someone struggling with something, or looking sort of lost, or I make eye contact with a person, and they approach me asking for help, step out in faith and help them. Even if you don’t know the answer, just acknowledging their plight and offering to find someone who can help, or joining them to look for something they lost, or a food product they are looking for at the grocery store can be super helpful and make them know someone cares. Helping people and giving them a big friendly smile afterwards is Super Addicting. Then say “God Bless You” and be on your way. That shows God’s Love and Kindness in the most elementary of ways. Obey God’s urges to help folks I. Need. He’ll give you opportunities every day, so don’t resist that urge! It will branch out in other areas of your life and encourage you to step out in faith, and enrich someone’s life, and your own.
Go with God,
4 months ago
Lord Jesus, as I go on my way, show me what are those good works that are set aside for me that I might undertake them. Give me opportunity to be considered among those who have obeyed Your will.
4 months ago
Enjoy this so much !! Very uplifting!!
4 months ago
Being justified freely by His grace, we now live vindicated by walking in the works we were called to do., whether we are Rahab or Abraham .
4 months ago
I remember when I was 17, I accepted Jesus as my Savior at church camp. It was on a Thursday night. A friend of mine said she would go to the altar with me. I was quite nervous afterwards, I felt like I had a heavy load lifted.
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