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Air Date: 4/30/22 - Do you struggle with showing gentleness and compassion? Do you know why this matters to God? Join Pastor Nat to learn the power of gentleness in a harsh world.

Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford

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3 months ago
4 months ago
Lord Jesus, just as I need Your forgiveness and forbearance, I ask You to help me in my daily relationship with others. Remind me of the compassion and the gentleness and the long-suffering that I should be displaying toward my fellow man, as we interact.
4 months ago
In my life, I have been mostly on the receiving end of people's evil acts towards me. Please pray that God will help me with forgiveness. I need it!
4 months ago
Please pray that I will show kindness and compassion to my son as we navigate the process of him “growing up”. I need patience also.
4 months ago
About gentleness. If somebody ows money and promises to return it, but doesn't. Do we still be gentle.?
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4 months ago ( updated 4 months ago )
Someone said that if you loan someone money, have the attitude that you don’t expect it to be repaid, even if there’s an agreement that it will be. (That doesn’t mean you say that to the person borrowing your money.) After all, everything we have comes from our Heavenly Father and He is beyond generous with us. So we know He gives us what we have and we can show His generosity by being open-handed with what He has entrusted to us.
That said, a gentle reminder to this person that they need to keep the promise they made, I think, is appropriate.
My part is to keep my attitude in line with Christ’s heart.
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