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Parenting to the Fullest, Part 2 

Air Date: 6/23/20 - Today on Back to the Bible — how does your Heavenly Father parent you? Pastor and Bible Teacher Nat Crawford helps you discover the grace and blessings that come with the hard work of parenting.  Later, he’ll be joined by Arnie Cole and Cara Whitney for a discussion that will move you forward in faith. 

Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford

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I remember that my parents took us and our cousins to the zoo.
I enjoy the teaching about parenting.
Enjoyed listening to the message on parenting. I'm a grandparent now. I have two grandsons.
My favorite memory is going on hikes with the family at various parks.
My mom was a nurse and often worked 18 hour shifts at the hospital. She rarely got sleep. But she never hesitated to spend time with us. She often took us to the beach with a little 13” black and white tv that plugged into the cigarette lighter wherein we would fold down al the seats of the old ‘72 Malibu station wagon (as long as a limo) and watch cartoons after playing in the water forever. She had a disposable grill to cook hotdogs and hamburgers. Great times.
I don't know why I ask questions like this...too many to choose from. One would be traveling with my mom down to Scottsdale to spend time with my grandparents. We'd go to Rawhide, a wild west experience, and stop at a quarter arcade where chickens would perform tricks for a quarter. Weird, but fun.
Pastor Nat here. What's your favorite childhood memory?