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Paradise Restored


Air Date: 4/30/21 - Paradise restored. Now, that’s worth living for! And Pastor Nat encourages you to keep that picture in mind as you look forward to the return of Christ in the not-so-distant future! 


Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford


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I should be stay focux of meeting Jesus soon.
Vicki I can honestly relate to everything you said. It's so strange... I always thought like I was "so alone" in so many feelings I was experiencing.. it was a strange, scary, and lonely place to be in. I was always religious... always just wanted to get to Heaven... leave this life behind... (not suicide)... I never had Anyone to ever really share these feelings with. I just continued to pray to God..... I find that this site, app (whatever you are using)... is truly a miracle. I've grown so much spiritually since connecting with others here.. reading their stories. Just realizing that I'm not alone in my feelings all the time has made me grow closer to Jesus. We are all so much more alike than different. It's amazing!!! I'm so glad you ate here and I hope to get to knownyou better. May Peace Be With zyou, my Sister in Christ! 💕😇🙏💕😇
Just Yay Shari!!!! I'm so right there with you!!!!! 🙏😇💕
Amen,,,can't wait to walk with Jesus , to hold his hand, to live a beautiful life. All bad things are gone. To see our loved ones who joined him. Amen to this.
And also to you, May God bless you and keep you embraced. Amen!
True Heavenly paradise on my mind. Praise God. Thank you Jesus! Amen!
Thanks, Carolyn! I too do not fear death. Dying, however, at least the mode of it, can cause some healthy anxiety! But regardless of how, what awaits us far surpasses the pains we experience today. I need that reminder!
Amen to that!
Even as a child I never felt accepted or comfortable at home. This continues to this day. Well this is not my home. I long for heaven
Carolyn your post encourage me also may God's blessings and mercies be with you today and always 🙏❤😊
Thank you, Lord. Amen.
Tank you for the encouragment
I just love this message. It brings joy to my heart!! It's long as I can remember, I can honestly say I'm not afraid of dying. (Now I'm not saying, I want to be tortured and die this horrible death)... but I'm just not afraid of it. I guess in my heart of hearts I know I am going to Heaven where I can't even fathom what that will be like. A place where there is no more sadness, not fitting in, loneliness or pain. I see it as a place of joy, and dancing...peace, happiness, laughter, friends, love. (It's no wonder I have always wanted to be in God's paradise). I guess what I'm slowly learning is that while I am waiting.... I can do things on earth which will make God happy. I can learn his scripture better. I can live in a way that shines light to every one I meet. I can try to surrender myself to God and trust that he has placed me on this earth for a unique purpose. I can spend my time trying to figure out what that purpose is, and then really dive into it, trusting that Jesus and the Holy Spirit will guide me and protect me. I guess what I am learning is that while I am waiting, I can make my time here on earth more bountiful by living to please God and in turn, I shall find peace and joy while waiting. This is a very new concept for me and I am thankful that God has provided me with tools to make life here on earth easier to navigate!!! It's sites like these that have opened my eyes to a whole new set of possibilities, while "I Wait". Thank You Pastor Nat for your wonderful insight and kindness!!! Thank You my BTTB/GT Family for your compassion and encouragement. May you all have a day filled with God's love and Blessings!!🙏💕😇💕🙏