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Overcoming Spiritual Disorders


Air Date: 8/6/21 - Is Christianity a “cure-all” for life’s hardships and struggles? Is it something far greater? Join Pastor Nat as he shares the power of our salvation.  

Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford

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2 months ago
a year ago
I'm going to join the church I've been attending so I can serve in a ministry and practice loving my brothers & sisters in Christ by serving.
a year ago
Amen 🙏🏻
a year ago ( updated a year ago )
Faith in Jesus Christ is "Faith" in that Faith our life's journey is to build an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ, to become more like Jesus. In that comment about going to "Church" Pastor Nat.

Just because one does not go into a building called a "Church" means what, nothing. We are The Church many can come together in their homes, during a dinner a gather and it is still the "Church"!

In having True Faith one should begin their new day saying Good Morning Father as I do following with I Still Believe I Still Believe I Still Believe my Heart Trust in You alone Father. What do say about those with illness that do not leave their houses that they do not have Faith? Faith is given when we accept Jesus Christ into our hearts. Yes sometimes their are struggles yet that does not make anyone's Faith less. For through that storm or battle it strengthens one's Faith to know that Jesus leads us back ware we belong right next to him.

In practicing Faith is Trusting in Jesus Christ for all things knowing no matter what we do or comes our way Jesus will lead us back to Him! We must not confuse people or say things that lead to confusing them to believe their Faith is simply not strong enough. We are One in The Body of Christ, we are to Uplift with words and deeds just as Jesus did and remains to do for us daily.

I will leave it at that and simply say again We Are The Church not a building.
May God Bless You as well help you to to soften some verbage you use in trying to "spread The Word", in Jesus name I Pray Amen

"Believers should acknowledge and wrestle with doubts … It is no longer sufficient to hold beliefs just because you inherited them."
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a year ago
You are correct. We are the church. I've said that many times in this program and others. Remember, Joey, I am doing 5-minute teaching. Even in a 40-minute teaching, we cannot hit all the points. I know this may cause confusion or even frustration. Thanks for adding to the conversation.
a year ago
Well we go to church because we are commanded to Go. Jesus went to church and we are supposed to. Faith does not pop us as soon you enter the church building but by hearing the word of God. (let those who have ears let him hear) Faith cometh by hearing and hearing by the word of God. our God is a God of location. Remember the Israelites they had to leave Egypt in order to worship the Lord their God. you might say it is OT but even in new testament Jesus was found in the synagogue... teaching n preaching! No i would not agree with this concept . Forget about illness God is not that cruel like some people . he understands. when things were favorable why did you not attend church?
a year ago
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