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One in Christ Jesus

Air Date: 11/3/20

The age of individualism threatens to widen the divides in our culture. What’s the answer? Today Pastor Nat Crawford reminds you that Christ came to tear down these man-made walls. How can you rally around the truth of who we are in Christ? Find out in today’s message.  

Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford

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Thank you
God bless u
Thank you Pastor Nat, for the encouraging teaching.
Thank you for the kind words. We recognize that we have seasons in life and ministry. And we decided this season of ministry means a shift to shorter Bible teaching messages. The apostle Paul said, "This one thing I do." We want to help people with one thing each day to move closer to Jesus. So for this season, we are focusing on this one thing. But don't worry. We're still committed to and believe in traditional, long-form Bible preaching. So stick with us and be on the look out.
Thank you Pastor Nat for today's "Bible" nugget "on being One in Christ Jesus" through the shedding of His blood on the cross, and where there's no isolation or segregation. We are all united, what an amazing assurance!
P. S. Consider revamping your app. It's not very proffessional in places and can be difficult to navigate...maybe you need fresh eyes.
Hey back to the bible...I have been a long time listener to bott radio. In that time , there has been several li stop...start..stop teachers on back to the bible. Time slots change abruptly as well. Now you pull pastor nats in depth teaching . If God has a direction and plan( and of course He does) have the decision makers pray earnestly, trust God and have consistantcy regarding back to the bibles mission. Please...pick a lane and stay there
SOS! I may have missed an announcement ... Did the more indepth teaching move under a different category? If not, will it return? I really miss the longer version where you had time to include details in the teaching ... like the apologetic enhancements, background of the scripture and other related scripture references. It not only taught a truth, but also challenged me to dig deeper when I study the Bible on my own. It seems that now this segment is more of a devotional versus an indepth teaching? One can go many different places for a devotional, even on the Back to the Bible app, and they indeed have a place in and enhance my daily walk, but for me, the longer teaching was unique, it was solid and it encouraged me to a deeper study of the Bible and ultimately, a deeper and more personal walk with God.
Thank you Pastor Nat. This was so very helpful.