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Not an Option


Air Date: 4/18/22 - Lust is a problem for most people. How we lust differs, but the problem is normal. If you want freedom Join Pastor Nat to find the way.     


Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford

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2 months ago
Lord Jesus, I know that there are areas of weakness in me. But because of Your strong influence in my life, I will do nothing to separate Your relationship with me. Help me to look at and to think about that which is clean and beautiful and uplifting, so that I do not sin against You.
3 months ago
Heavenly Father, help us to keep our minds on things above, not earthly things.
3 months ago
"Lord, as Jesus followers, keep our minds pure and free of lust. Amen."
3 months ago
Thank you for reminding us of how great are God’s love and forgiveness .
3 months ago
Amen well said Pastor Nat
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