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Air Date: 5/7/21 - What you watch, listen to, and do is a direct reflection of what you truly believe. Today Pastor Nat points out what really matters in this life to help you stand strong and not fall for the evil that is just a thought and a click away!  


Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford

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a year ago
Thank you for this message.
a year ago
Thank you Pastor Nat for this enlighting difference.
a year ago
Great message Pastor Nat
a year ago
Pastor Nat we do not comprimize we sin it is sin. That being said I'm sorry about your wife I do agree with her. That being said when "you" preach what you say is the whole counsel of God. That is to say you preach what you believe and your interpretation of God's Word/Truth.

Yet I answered your question about John and yes as I said he said we do not any longer need The Holly Spirit! Thus I appreciate what you do daily to give your interpretation of God's Word. That with Love in Christ Jesus does not make it God's Word it makes it your interpretation of God's Word. Myself I try not to watch anything that has to do with hauntings, evil, unless it speaks to be a true event. We I watch Netflix, Prime, Tubi, Peacock and others that have great shows of Faith as well shows that funny or humorous. I guess my point is to say when again You said:

Can someone who is Christian function as an atheist and remain Christian. Pastor Nat once we accept Jesus Christ Batized in The River of His Blood nothing can separate us from Him! We all sin and fall short of The Glory of God. As you yourself have said many times you have sinned. That is to what you said as not living as a Christian. Further I noticed often after your videos comes up videos of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.

Speak of none truth Mormons do just what you said daily. Their book of Mormon is nothing but untruths, not the word of God. We all should be arriving to do daily is build a true Loving intimate relationship with Jesus, to become more like Him. Things we do in this life we must all answer for, that being said we must be careful in the words we use not to let someone think their not worthy of Jesus Christ because of many different things. Words matter often if just one person receives a message wrong it can cause great harm to them.

I know I said prior and will again, we must not put God in a box. My challenge to you is not to diverter from what you believe to be God's word but to carefully try to to leave an open question that says am I worthy. As always with respect Love for Christ I thank you for open dialogue with You. May God's Grace be with you.
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a year ago
Hey Joey. As always, I'm glad you're here and talking with me.

I agree. Compromise is sin. I never play it as anything else. Just another way of describing it.

Regarding the whole counsel of God, we at BttB are committed to not shying away from any part of it. Obviously, we cannot cover all of it in any episode, nor are you suggesting we do. Likewise, of course, every person has a lense they interpret Scripture through. And I think, at times, the plain and main things are just that: plain and main. We don't need to do much "interpreting" to understand the author's intent. So, granted where there is grey or confusion, I often state that. In the plain things, I try to stick to the script and go back to a historical interpretation.

Regarding MacArthur, I've never heard him say that, but who knows. I can't keep tabs on these guys. But I will look into it.

Regarding the Christian living comments. Yes, Christians will continue to sin. Period. But we won't make it habit or excuses for it. We won't be characterized by our compromise (sin), but by our commitment to God and following Him. Paul will talk about this later in this book.

Regarding Youtubes suggestions, we have no influence over their algorithm or the content they push and suggest. But it is good to know.

I agree that God should not be "put into a box" and what Scripture has revealed cannot be changed.

Good discussion, Joey! Stay engaged!
a year ago
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