Mission Termination - Win the Day


Mission Termination

Air Date: 9/9/21 - If we have a new nature, why do we still sin? What does it mean to live like a Christian? Join Pastor Nat as he uncovers the answers to these questions.

Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford

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10 months ago
Thank you what a beautiful devotion and prayer Praise God He is worthy of all.our praise and worship and the greatest of all our love
10 months ago ( updated 10 months ago )
Ok let me start by saying this: Let us all remember we are never going to be Perfect! Never I say because The only Perfect Man, human that lived is Jesus Christ! We are all sinners and we're meant to be sinners. Why you should know... because Jesus Christ shed His Stripes, Life and Precious Blood for our sins!

We need to stop trying to live to be perfect none one ever will be! Jesus told us we would be sinners, have broken bones and hearts but that He would be right there with us. For He has already overcome this world nothing can stand against Our God. Nothing can separate us from The Love of Jesus Christ!

To many are getting confused upset thinking their not worthy because of how their receiving this called "Win The Day". Now to win the day we are to start each new day with Jesus in prayer then in His Word. I have said it before I will say it again, there is a difference between spiritual and mental battles. That being said remember that The battle belongs to Jesus not us!

We can not take everything at a literal meaning because literal is "man's" interpretation not God's. These messages are to be uplifting encourage us in Jesus Christ but many are upset, feeling less than, feeling like nothing they do is right. Well I am here to tell everyone before we do anything Jesus already knows we are going to do it.
Do not think for a moment you can "kill" sin you can not! We can not save ourselves, there is only One I Am, Jesus Christ. Perfect in every way so much so He Loved us first He Chose us and Jesus died for us.

Jesus then rose again as The Holly Spirit who lives within us, who teaches, helps, prays for us. In helping us to become more like Jesus less like us. Jesus never said we would only see sunshine or there would be no rain, He only Promise us a heart full of singing at the pain that once remained. We are to give them all to Jesus every sin.

Simply remember if you are a Christian struggles will come but look up call out to Jesus He will never Fail us. Temptation is always going to be but remember Jesus is The Joy of our Strength. Yes we will sin but in that sin Jesus is with us. Waiting to turn it over to Him telling Him how much we need Him every moment. Learn to live not just be alive, far to many children and adults have lost their lives because they thought they could never live up to the asspectations that man tried to put into their heads.

We do not live for this world or man we live for and through Jesus Christ. Our goals daily should be to become more like Jesus but to remember we are and we're not ever meant to be perfect.

Father please remind us us that we are not to be perfect but instead to do our best to become more like You. Lord You told us we would be sinner's as it started in The Garden of Eden. Father Bless those who think that their not worthy or living up to what man says is to be standard to live for You. Lord please touch the hearts of those who are thinking these things to replace that doubt with Your Love. Please Father remind all of us our names are already written in Your Book. Thank You God for You are Good Always, Gracious, Forgiving, never leaving but always closer than the air we breath, in Jesus Most Powerful Name I Pray Amen

See 1 Corinthians 10:13
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10 months ago
Pastor Nat you say Paul says but Jesus has told us that our sins have been paid for through Him! It is clear we see and read things differently, that being said I stand by what I said. We need not to kill sin because God's Grace has done that for us.

I in no way as stated saying we should repeat sin over and over. However we are sinners and we're meant to be to rely souley on Jesus when we do sin. The Holly Bible is clear we are and will always remain to be sinners! For if we were not we have no need for The Lord Jesus Christ! He who gave everything for us absolving all of our sins.

Pastor Nat there is a difference between reading God's Word and then understand not as it is clear as you take in the literal way. Just as my post say you come across alot recently with what is to be God's Word.
Well it is not being received as such. For if it were there would not be so many people who have not been present in this room.

I left my email some time ago and have received many emails of brother's and sister's who are hurting just as my post stated. We are not to leave other's feeling confused, unworthy or alone. We are to Uplift in The Word of God! Not bring other's to thinking they are consently failing God.
Again we are all sinners as Jesus meant for us to be. We do not kill sin Jesus Christ kills our sin. It is through The Holly Spirit that teaches us to sin less or not repeat sin over and over.

Now even if we do repeat that sin over and over, we turn to Jesus for forgiveness and asking to deliver us to walk closer with Him not he of this world. Pastor Nat today you spoke of debate. That you did not think it was really debatable. Well sorry all things are debatable when the true meaning of God's Word is giving by "one" as fact when it is not. It would appear that you agree through your last sentence. Yes we are to seeks God's best and when we stumble turn to Him so that He keeps us rising for Him.

God's Mercy's and Grace are made New each morning Pastor Nat not just when we sin.
10 months ago
Thanks for chiming in, Joey. Paul said by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit to kill these sins. So why would he say that if he didn't mean it? Yes, each day we do win ultimately because of Christ's grace. And we can rest in it. But we should not have an attitude that we cannot follow the advice, instruction, or commands found in the Bible. We are to aim for God's best and celebrate mercy and grace when we fall.
10 months ago
10 months ago
Thank you Lord Jesus. Amen
10 months ago
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