Marriaging to the Fullest, Part 2 

Air Date: 6/16/20 - Pastor Nat offers biblical insight for a loving and practical relationship between a husband and wife.  Arnie Cole and Cara Whitney will drop in after the message to offer some encouraging thoughts for your spiritual journey. 

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Yes, I am single I can pray for the married couples to follow God's plan for marriage.
I am praying for the married couples, do the right thing and also it belong to God.
Enjoyed listening to this today even though my husband is in a facility where I cannot visit him or call him either. Not sure if he will ever get out, but I have sent him a birthday card, anniversary card, and a card for encouragement. Hopefully he got them.
Living to the fullest means to me having a closer relationship with God.
Thanks for today's teaching/encouragement Pastor Nat. "Living to the fullest" for me is living in submission to God and each other in "agape" love. The love that God have for us. When we do this, everything will be aligned to God's will, and we'll experience the bliss/blessings of God in our marriage and otherwise. We will be free and unencumbered!
Good morning! Today we're talking about marriaging to the fullest. My question is about living to the fullest. What does living to the fullest look like to you?
Being single , Gods word teaches the character of a person, is what is important ,even in friendships. When I face a test or see a glaring fault that perpetuates my sinning...I study the character of the past..even my friendships were formed on mutual weaknesses, no accountabiliry... that house is built on shifting sand. Thanks past ok r Nat, great series.
Good morning. Thank you for the word. But I am single.