Marriaging to the Fullest, Part 1 

Air Date: 6/15/20 - Happily ever after—is that what marriage is all about? Or is there something much deeper to be discovered?  Pastor Nat Crawford uncovers the truth about God’s design for marriage.  Back to the Bible CEO Arnie Cole and author Cara Whitney join Pastor Nat for discussion.

Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford

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When the Lord have a purpose for you to marry, if not be in a relationship with the God, Jesus and Holy Spirit. I am in a relationship with Jesus.
Live in loving community as One!
Thanks Pastor Nat for today's encouragement! I think God puts high importance on relationships, because if marriage is done as God intended it to be, it will be a representation to us, and an example to follow of how "Father, Son and Holy Spirit live in loving community".
If a marriage is centered around Christ, the marriage can be wonderful. The marriage can be a testimony to others who need to come to Christ by seeing how they live. Also it is not good to be alone. When one falls down, there is someone to help you up.
Good morning, Friends! I trust your weekend was worshipful! So, here's my question for you: Why do you think God puts high importance on relationships?