Marriage Done God’s Way: An Interview with Dr. Gary Chapman - Win the Day

Marriage Done God’s Way: An Interview with Dr. Gary Chapman 
Air Date: 6/19/20 - Pastor Nat Crawford interviews well-known author and Pastor, Dr. Gary Chapman on his book “The Five Love Languages.”  Plenty of biblical insight and practical information on the subject of love and marriage in today’s episode. 

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2 years ago
Thank you, Pastor Nate and your special guest

Thank you Pastor Nate and your special guest Mr. Chapman.
2 years ago
I wish I could go back in time, but I can only move forward. I know I cannot change the past. I just need to press on.
2 years ago
(First, Read Colossians 3:18) I strongly believe that the demonic spirit of criminal religiosity has distorted how we men interpret certain scriptures in The Bible. In the verse I just brought up, I think some men would use that verse to justify Domestic Abuse. How would you address this?
1 reply
2 years ago
I agree with your sentiment. Some spouses do use this verse to control and even abuse their spouses. Let's consider this verse in light of Scripture as a whole. We know that Christ is over the church as the husband is over the family. We find that in Ephesians 5:21-28. But in verse 21, it says submit to each other. Submit means to defer. To think of the other person's needs and desires above your own. So a husband is called to the same posture. It has nothing to do with being a doormat, but rather deferment. Also, it's important to remember that God has asked the husband to lead and take responsibility for the family unit. Does that mean he commands and everyone sheepishly falls behind? No. It means that God is asking him to biblically defer, to lead, to love, and to correct. And he will be healed accountable for his leadership. I hope this helps.