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Air Date: 4/26/22 - What is pride? Does it help or hurt us? If dangerous, is there a better way to go? Join Pastor Nat as he looks for the answers.


Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford

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4 months ago
Lord Jesus, remove from me the secret sin of pride. Help me to see the danger inherent in trusting in my own strength and to learn to put my trust instead in You.
4 months ago ( updated 4 months ago )
Of all the sin I would honestly say that Pride is my achilles’ heel, if it appears that you are getting unlimited flow of God Blessing how can you not feel a form of Pride. I never could understand why things at time seems like it came to me on a silver platter and at time it showed in my pride. I would even at time tell people that I am the richest person you ever going to meet and I don’t even have a dime. You see my riches came from God Love and I wanted everyone to know that I have God Love. So you can see why Pride would be my achilles’ heel. Sure I go through up and down just like anyone else goes through but when it seems like my world is falling apart I just think and remember JOB and then I say: “if God is good enough for JOB then he good enough for me,” then once again my pride take over and my mountain get moved. Therefore I repent each and everyday asking God for my forgiveness for Love God so so much. Don’t get me wrong because come with Pride is a lot of Jealousy and envy that I have to deal with on a daily basis, people who actually have more than me can’t understand why I’m so happy or see me with some that maybe very expensive without knowing that I found a bargain or brought something used that look like new, God blessing flows in way that most people take for granted and because of things like this at time I have become Mr. Smith or Mr. Jones that people tries to keep up with meaning people including relatives will steal or take from me not because they want what I have it more that they just don’t want me to have it. This is the downfall of my Pride.
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4 months ago
We all suffer from it. Only God can help us!
4 months ago
4 months ago
Well said pastor Nat
4 months ago
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