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Loving the Bride

Air Date: 8/13/21 - Who is the bride of Christ? What should our response be to the bride? Why does Christ care? Join Pastor Nat as He continues answering the question, “Who is Jesus?”

Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford

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a year ago
Wow that was a beautiful explanation of the church is the body of Christ! I've never heard it explained that way before. I'm going to be thinking of ways to edify and add to the body of Christ, members of the church from now on. One thing I can do is offer to teach how to knit and crochet blankets, sweaters and other projects. It's a hobby I enjoy. And it's something fun and will be interesting for anyone who wants to learn.
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a year ago
What a great idea. It will bless the body and can be used as an outreach opportunity! Great!
a year ago ( updated a year ago )
Wow! I will look for opportunities to praise the church.
a year ago
In chapter 1, Paul introduces himself, along with his co-author Timothy. As he often does, Paul gives thanks for what he hears about the faith of the believers in Colossae. Paul includes a prayer for their growth and spiritual strength. The letter then transitions to praise of Jesus, describing Him as absolutely supreme. All created things were made through, by, and for Him. And, since it was His sacrifice which saved us from sin, we can have confidence in our eternal destiny.

Jesus Christ is The Supreme of all things everyone has struggles, it is in the struggles we turn to Jesus Christ for all things.

Father ever Faithful in every way You are, never forsaking, leaving always nearer than the air we breath, Lord You are and will always be The Head of this "One" body we are all part of through You alone, Thank You God in Jesus name Amen
a year ago
a year ago
Praise be to God, whom all things are created by God's grace and mercy. Amen.
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