Loving Others Well - Win the Day

Loving Others Well

Air Date: 2/17/21 - Living life in a dark world can be dangerous!  Today Pastor Nat urges you to let God light your path and expose the dangers that hide in the darkness.   



Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford


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Happy Birthday 🎉🎉🎉
Happy belated Birthday. Your my son's age now. Thanks for the message.
Happy Birthday 👏🙏!
Thank you!
To God be the glory!
Thank you for the encouragement. I can't believe I get to do what I do each day of the week. God's Word is the power. I am thankful to be a conduit for it.
Thanks, Joey! I always look forward to your comments and prayer!
Happy birthday Pastor Nat, wish you all the best always, and God bless you, your family and ministry.
Happy Birthday! Thank you for being such an inspiration.
Happy Birthday 🎇 Nat Crawford. I really enjoy the linfluence you bring to my spiritual life I Thank God for bringing you to my spiritual family hi and I thank you. Amen. In the name of Jesus Christ keep it coming.
I know what is right, like Paul said I should live in the light Like Jesus.
Pastor Nat thank you for a great message. Happy Birthday. I hope you have a great day.
Well Pastor Nat 40 years young today the day 40 years ago God Blessed You with life. Happy Birthday 😇. For me truth is always to be told if it's truth it doesn't benefit one's self but truth be told as Jesus tells us to always speak. Paul also tell us that there is Light and darkness, we must choose which one to pick. I chose long ago "Light" The Light of Jesus Christ who lives inside of me. It is never easy to call out sin in believers but yes we should with The Love of Christ. In a way that doesn't attach but simply points out the sin. Pastor Nat what a Blessing and Thank you for sharing with us The about your family, it reminds us to do the same in remembering We are One Big Family within Christ Jesus. Father Thank You for Loving us First, giving us Life back in The Life and The Light which is You OH Lord. Father sometimes we forget that we are to do all things with The Love of You. I Thank You for The courage and wisdom You renew within me each new day. For that courage and wisdom give me strength in You to always stay in You our Light. As God's Children we all sin that doesn't mean we live in darkness, it reminds us we are not meant to be perfect. For if we were then we we would not need You Our Light Father. But OH Lord far am I from perfect knowing I always need You my Shinning Magnified Light. Father it is always my hope for all to see You shinning bright within me. Lord You are my Strength, my True Defender Protector Shield Shelter and Refuge my every need. I Thank and Praise You Father for providing my every need even in times when I didn't know I needed it. I Love You Lord In Jesus name Amen "So we, though many, are one body in Christ, and individually members one of another." - Romans 12:5
Thank you!
Happy birthday, Pastor Nat!!
Thank you, Debra!
I truly do care and am praying for you all. God's care for His family is wonderful.
I truly love connecting with the many "family" members here at BttB. I miss being in the trenches of a church, so these daily connections fill a pastor's heart!
Thank you. I am blessed beyond what I deserve. I guess that's why it's called "grace." :)
Thank you, Phyllis!
Thank you! God's kindness is amazing!
Let's hope so! Thank you!
Happy 40th Birthday!!!!! Appreciate your messages, prayers and the challenge of today's Win The Day.
Happy Birthday pastor! Thank you for caring for us deeply and lifting us in prayer. Have a real special day!
Happy Birthday, Pastor Nat!!! In this year of lock-downs, it is nice to see the folks from Back to the Bible. I so have enjoyed the personal stories of you and your family. Those at Back to the Bible have become “my friends in Christ.”
Happy birthday day Pastor nat may God bless you on this day and for ever thank you for the good work amen
Happy Birthday Pastor Nat. May God truly bless you on your special day.
Happy birthday Pastor Nat. May God continue to Bless you and your family in your ministry. Be well.
Yes, Shirley! It's so important to have people in your corner who can and do speak into your life. We can easily become the person who looks at the mirror and immediately forgets what we look like. Thanks for sharing! And thank you for the birthday wishes.
Happy belated birthday! February birthdays rock! Accountability has been part of my life for years. I've had my closes friends keep an eye on me. We all have blind spots. At times, I received the feedback with grace, but other times I rejected it and went running off. But thankfully, God continues to work on my heart and character to receive the feedback well.
Thank you! Here's to another 40 more...at least!
Thank you! God bless!
A lot of February birthdays! Happy early birthday! Yes, this passage is a hard one. It both reminds us of our sinfulness and the benefit of helping others live as children of light.
I don't think you're alone. Many of us are children of light (and have been for a long time) but have continued to sneak back into the dark. Oh how foolish. But God's mercy is overwhelming and His grace is amazing. So, though it can feel like overstepping our paygrade to call out sin, we must remember that because we love others, we remind them of God's standards. And it all starts with us. Our prayer should be like David's in Psalm 139:23-24 "Search me, God, and know my heart; test me and know my anxious thoughts. See if there is any offensive way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting."
Thank you, Andre. God is beyond good to me. I pray I use His blessings to give Him glory!
Happy Birthday, Nat and many more to come. Thank you for your work in the Lord.
Thank you!
Thank you!
Thank you!
Thank you, Andrea. Me too! I need help with this. It's so easy to either ignore the sins of others or to tolerate my own sinfulness. God, I need your help.
Thank you. I am blessed to be able to study and teach each day. To God be the glory!
Thank you, Shirley! A challenging message!
Thank you! It may be cold outside, but the heart is warm with love!
Thank you! No more 30's. Here's to the 40's!
A very Happy Birthday to you, Nat! 🎂 May God bless you have many more.
Thank you for the reminder of gently calling out rhe sins of our brothers and sisters in Christ who we dearly love. Happy Birthday Pastot Nat. May you have a happy, healthy, and Blessed day!
Happy Birthday, God bless you with many more wonderful years. Thank you for sharing God's Word with us
Help me Lord!! Thank you Pastor Nat.... Have a blessed and Happy Birthday 🙏
Amen. Happy Birthday
Amen walking in the light has many rewards not only in this life but eternally Praise God and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
Happy birthday!
Happy Birthday, Pastor Nat. May God continue to bless you with wisdom and understanding so that you may continue to do the good work He has called you to do. Amen.
Happy birthday. Hard message - especially when I’ve lived most of my life in the dark. I feel hypocritical calling out someone for doing things I’ve done - and they know I’ve done them. Praying for God’s strength not let my past hinder my walk forward. Thank you for your teaching
Thank you, Father, for this encouraging word. Amen
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Pastor Nat. Our daughter Beth was born 53 years ago today. Blessings to both of you in the coming year! Phil
Happy Birthday Pastor Nate!! Mine is tomorrow. Good month to be born in. I agree that it is so hard to speak to someone who sins because you're right, I could be called out for my sin. But we all must pray before approaching someone for God's words to be used. Thank you for these devotions as it really helps me in my walk.
Awesome message Happy Birthday
Happy B day Pastor Nat
HAPPY BIRTHDAY PASTOR NAT👏. Thank you for blessing us with deep teachings, enlightening too. It makes my day worthy. May God's hands be upon you and enlarge your teritory (God's Kingdom). Amen. My birthday was 5 days ago. February people are "Special" 🙏 Very encouraging indeed. May my life reflect my calling and be spitually transparent to call out sin in those God has put around me. It starts with me. Amen.
I have accountability partners and encourage others to do the same so we can exemplify Jesus in our daily walk. Happy birthday, Pastor Nat!