Love Your Enemies, Part 2 - Win the Day

Love Your Enemies, Part 2

Air Date: 8/11/20 - When you embrace the truth of God's scandalous grace, you can't help but love others – and that includes your enemies! Pastor Nat Crawford takes you to the words of Jesus to explain.  Later Arnie Cole and Cara Whitney join him for application and encouragement. 

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"Go and sin no more."
Respect otherss, do something but except nothing in return.
Thank you for today's devotional. I have much to think about and to meditate on. I have struggles in some of my relationships, and I am blessed by this and thankfu for the reminder to: treat others the way I want to be treated". Jesus, help me to love others as You do.
Good message.
Amen. Love today's message. Trusting his word.. obeying his word. Doing what he says..