Love Your Enemies, Part 1 - Win the Day

Love Your Enemies, Part 1

Air Date: 8/10/20 - The words of Jesus are plain: Love your enemies!  So, who are your enemies?  Why should you love them, and how should you love them?  Pastor Nat Crawford shares the words of Jesus on this subject. Later, Arnie Cole and Cara Whitney join him for discussion and helpful application.  

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Thank you for sharing wonderful teaching wonderful example I always need more examples of how to pray what to pray and you have given me a lot thank you
It's important to love our enemies first of all Jesus commands us to do so, and secondly by loving our enemies we can be a witness for Jesus by doing so.
Thank you Pastor Nate, I really need this. the most important for today.
One reason why is this they want to control prople lives, not this person I have Jesus and is sitting at the control my life. We need to love others like Jesus.
Loving your enemies is one of the hardest commands from Jesus...especially in the world of social media, Covid, and elections season. But why is this command so important for us to obey?
Arnie's example of his brother surrendering, and following Gods command to do good to those who persecute encouraging. We must relinquish control in out comes..obey God and leave the consequences to comes with the filling of the spirit and doctrine studied and believed...time invested...thanks!