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Love Who?


Air Date: 2/21/22 - Does God expect us to love the unlovable? Does God desire us to show grace to all people? Even our enemies? Join Pastor Nat for the troubling answers.


Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford

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4 months ago
Thanks Pastor Nat. What of a person whose aim is to hurt always daily with subtlety short of physically? How is this delt with there is no course of action that love and forgiveness will solve, as it goes on and on. Could you address how Paul delt with a divisive person in Titus 3:10 or Alexander the metalworker in 2 Timothy 4 : 14? Didn't Paul have a chance to read Jesus' Words? Forgive as you have been forgiven, and Love your enemies. Maybe looking for a way out but a doormat? Something has to give. Thank You
4 months ago
Lord Jesus, Your law is a perfect law. Teach me to love as You loved me, to forgive as You forgave me. Help me to avoid the chance that I may show partiality to others depending upon their calling. Lord, I want to fulfill Your law.
4 months ago
I don't have the confidence to share my faith with other people. How do I do this? What do I do, and how do I it?
4 months ago
If God could love me I sure could love anyone else.
5 months ago
Thanks Pastor Nat, I will ask for God's help in this area. I will show grace to All people, with His help.
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