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Living With Heaven in View

Air Date: 9/8/21 - Should you love this world? Should you long for Heaven instead? Join Pastor Nat as he wrestles with loving this world over loving a heavenly future.

Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford

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2 months ago
10 months ago
10 months ago
Thank you for this message today.
10 months ago
Thank you lord for the gift of love.Lord you my rock my shield you are my salvation, Lord my love for you is undying, without Gods in my life of living i would be an empty vessel.
10 months ago
A hose is not 90,000 feet that was the first issue. We are not to be materialistic this is why she was feeling so empty. Building that greedy mansion when she could have paid it forward and built 3-10 Thousand houses to help those in need.

We do not love the word but I Love The Beautiful earth God created and loves to see all the beautiful nations He created.
Not a day goes by when I do not tell Jesus how much I Love Him and Thank Him for all He has done giving me life through Him. For already having a path Jesus laid out for me.

If we all start each new day with Jesus praying reading His Word. We then can go out knowing no matter what comes Jesus is making The way and is with us always.
Thank You Lord for all You have done and continue to do drawing nearer to us, teaching us to abide in You. Thank for Your Holly Spirit who teaches and helps us to become more like You. Father Your Faithfulness is never ending God You are Good Always Thank For the Greatest Blessing of life Jesus Christ, In Jesus most Powerful Name Amen.
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10 months ago
Joey, my Friend and Brother in Christ!!!! I've missed you!!!! I know it's been ME whose been (absent)... I'm just struggling so much with some Catholic Things... and just life.

I've sort of slipped into a Depression... and I'm WORKING REALLY HARD ON GETTING OUT OF IT.

Like it's a "scary kind" of Depression. *meaning...*I'm Not Suicidal*.... but I just want to be in Heaven.

Honestly I'm so envious of people that are so happy here in earth. I WISH I was... I'm just not.

My work life, believe it or not, is still so unsettled. I don't see it changing. Well it changes all the time............but it's NOT the job I had for the last 16 years. I'm lost. I'm sad. I'm depressed.

I try so hard to just let Jesus (Guide my Day).. think positive thoughts........ I'm not that good at it. Lol.

I do feel like I'm at some (turning point)... like I have to either accept that things will not go back to the way they were..... and just DEAL.. or??? Lose myself in a total mental crisis.

I know you have seen or not seen me here.... I miss it. So many days I've tried so hard...I just couldn't "do it".

I guess in also feel (weird) being Catholic. See the things I find comforting are probably considered ?????? Legalism... and the things I Fear...... I'm not comfortable to share with everyone.

I'm not sure how many people read replies... but I've been saying The Rosary once a day....... (brings me great comfort)

I was almost at the point of being institutionalized when someone jokingly brought up Purgatory...(it's a Catholic thing). I'm still struggling over that one..... see I forgot. Or I don't know. I know i can't deal.

I, my beloved friend need to stop, or else my head will trash he me into dark dark dark places.... and one day I fear I shall never come out.

Peace and love be with you my friend.
Carolyn 💕🤗🙏😇💕🙏🤗😇
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