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Living As A Citizen of Heaven

Air Date: 11/11/21 - What does it look like to live on earth as a citizen of Heaven? The answer to that is illustrated from the words of Jesus Himself! Jacob Wirka shares important life perspectives from the Sermon on the Mount.


Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford

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2 months ago
thank you
8 months ago
Living as citizens of heaven is very strange and challenging to me. Therefore I need your help to live like that. I trust in your Spirit to give me the desire and strength. Amen.
8 months ago
Lord Jesus, You are holy and righteous and I want to be just like You. Create in me the type of heart that is renewed by Your blood so that I may hunger and thirst after Your righteousness. I want to follow after You in all my ways so that I too can become a peacemaker.
8 months ago
Amen 🙏🏻
8 months ago
We are not meant to be perfect for The Perfection belong only to Jesus Christ.

Heavenly Father, in you, I have found a strength that surpasses all understanding. Lord, you have blessed me with so much. Please Father Help me to accept that you are in control of my days and nights of The life You have given me back through You. Father for ever The Glory and Honor belong to You in Jesus name Amen
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