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Live Like Jesus!

Air Date: 11/9/20 - Your life is an influence whether you realize it or not.  The question is, who are you living like and how is that influencing others?  Today Pastor Nat Crawford points to Paul’s principle of living more like Christ and less like your old self.  How you live matters! 


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Thank you I found it very helpful I had today something that I did not expect and this message help me see more clear thank you Pastor Nat
thank you Pastor Nat, for the encouragement.
Live intentionally ... I like that! Yes!!
Thank you Pastor Nat. What a great reminder. May I let the light shine through me today.
Most people will spend hours on facebook , yet 5 min.s seeking Gods purpose and plan , or studying His character ?...when are we going to stop chasing the worlds ways...wanting to be relevant instead of a bright light in a dark world ? We need more than 5 min. Of sound teaching...even if it has depth , like pastor Nats teaching...rejection...yes, seek the lost, then disciple the remnant!
May God bless and help me to live my life like Jesus so that the Lord may show them his everlasting goodness and love through my words and actions. I pray that they may see the continual changes that God is working inside of me on a daily basis and that they may know he will do the same for them if they only ask. Thank you Pastor Crawford for sharing this message with us.