Leveraging Your Trials - Part 2  - Win the Day

Leveraging Your Trials - Part 2  

Air Date: 5/19/20 - Look into the life of a man who used misery as a means for ministry. Pastor and Bible Teacher Nat Crawford asks the question, “What is it that helps a Christian daily choose faith over fear?” Cara Whitney and Arnie Cole weigh in on that question as they study the life of Paul. 

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Thank you, Cynthia! You're an encourager!
Stay focus on God, Holy Spirit, and Jesus Christ. I really enjoy your message, you really put it with care to help me grow closer toward Christ on the daily everyday. 10 awesome.
RThis is a great message, to think about.
thank you I love to listen it keeps me focussed on God and closer to him as well and I learned so much
This was such a great message!
I have always listened to my Mom lol. She was strong in her faith read her Bible daily. She showed me how to seek God out. Through scripture and prayer. I also have my Auntie her and her spouse who pastored a church for years. They both have always/my Auntie still direct me to God and His word. They were/are such a blessing in my life. And I thank God for them both.
Great message.
If you could be attached to someone like Paul was, who would it be?