Leveraging Your Trials Part 1  

Air Date: 5/18/20 - When God allows problems in your life, do you view them as opportunities or are they just times of misery?  Today Pastor Nat Crawford looks into the life of the apostle Paul, a man who was able to turn misery into ministry.  Can we do the same?  That’s part of Pastor Nat’s discussion with Arnie Cole and Cara Whitney. 

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Thank you
I love the way you encourage me on do the right thing to have other people hear the gospel. Thank you.
I help my sister as much as I can do to help.
Wow. Thank you for sharing. Keep walking in stride with our Father!
I should be more concerned about Covid 19, but I'm not worried about it. I try to where a mask when I go shopping. Currently my husband is in a memory facility in another state which has allowed me to walk closer to the Lord. I'm enjoying these messages. God Bless You All.
I'm spending more time studying the Bible and watching TBN instead of shows I would normally watch for entertainment. Learning how to be a more joyful Christian.
For me, I'm finding it easier to pray. I pray about all sorts of things at all times of the day.
I am praying for you! And I encourage you to find ways to let your light shine even during this time.
How are you using Covid-19 to grow closer to God?
Amen! Thank you for the encouragement! Even before this pandemic ends, you can start where you are at. I find that especially now people need to hear what you have to say 💜
Thank you for the discussion. Please pray for me so that I have the courage and will to reach out to non believers once this COVID-19 lock down is over. Thank you.
Great encouragement
I was raised to be a black and white thinker. Either or. And with scripture as well as salvation , there is THE Truth. However , there are so many ways now to access great Bible teaching. The daily teaching is one of those ways that further my studies , with application. Very relatable and helpful. Thank-you for another resource for growth and conviction to move.
Great message today. I enjoyed listening to the message.
Thankyou. Great message
I loved todays teaching. Thank you.