Leveraging Your Doubt - Part 3 - Win the Day

Leveraging Your Doubt - Part 3

Air Date: 5/7/20 - It’s easy to fault others for their doubt but that may not be all there is to their story! That was the case with the disciple Thomas. Nat Crawford looks at a side of doubt that people don’t always think about.  Arnie Cole and Cara Whitney join him to discuss how the act of questioning can actually strengthen your faith.

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Thomas had his question answer., when Jesus said; "Blessed are those have seen not seen but believe. He is not seen but believe. He is talking about us/talking about us
Hi Net Ernie Cara thank you for sharing I always felt guilty when I doubt it and hearing you saying that Jesus was not offended by it l have heard the story so often and read it it never clicked that Jesus was not offended by it I cry and talk to God so often and this will help me strengthen my face
My greatest doubt is self-doubt. I think I have a strong enough faith in God but my doubt steps in when I am trying to ascertain God's will and plan and purpose for my life. I think he's calling me to ministry but I just don't believe in myself enough. Even though I do believe God is able. I just don't think that I am able. Your comments please, Nat or Arnie, to my email address.
For me, it's important to remember I won't know the specific why's of life's events, but I do know that God does work out those events to fulfill His plan.
Pastor Nat here! How have these messages on leveraging your doubt helped you?
Thank you Nat, Cara and Arnie You have really been teaching in such a specific, direct and simple way which makes the study very understandable.I am very inspired.You guys are stirring up spirit of revival with my soul drawing me to a deeper relationship with my Lord
Thanks from NJ.