Leveraging Your Doubt - Part 2 - Win the Day

Leveraging Your Doubt - Part 2

Air Date: 5/6/20 - Are you afraid to admit that you have questions? Today we’re going to see that questions -- even doubt -- can be a very good thing.  Bible Teacher Nat Crawford is joined by discussion partners Cara Whitney and Arnie Cole for a lesson about a New Testament Doubter … and you might be surprised at that person’s identity!  

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I enjoyed today's lesson and discussion very much. Thank you.
Thank you for sharing everything that you talked about I can relate to it's such a blessing thank you so much do one thing I didn't know as that I can never ask too many questions
Am I where You want me, doing what You want me to be doing?
Thank you for the spiritual insight, I do read my bible daily. I do ask God questions he point me to scripturas, that I have already read.
Great, all of you. Thank You!
Enjoyed the teaching! Thank you!
Solid sound doctrine! I'm a firm believer there's a reason Jesus answered questions with asking questions! The Holy Spirit guides us, and leads us individually tailored to your journey! He's the Grand Weaver! Thank you for sharing! Praying with a humble heart and spend time in His Word!
Pastor Nat here. If you could ask God and get an audible answer, what question would you ask Him?