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Let God Transform You

Air Date: 12/09/20 - When you're struggling to control your thoughts and manage your emotions, you can't just turn and change course. It’s a process. Today Nat Crawford helps you start that process by going back to the Bible to engage God’s wisdom, love, and power. Let God transform you!

Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford

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Wow. Rosemary, you are not alone in your situation or your feelings about it. I saw a loved one go through a very similar experience. It was dark and at times hopeless, but God was faithful. Not in the ways desired, but in the ways needed. I pray for provision, hope, and comfort.
@Rosemary - I am praying for those that are living with you to help out more. I am praying for guidance on the next steps & please keep talking to God - nothing is too big or too small for him!
I love the Lord and I trust Him, but right now everything is going wrong. I'm 78 and my family is a mess, one problem after another that I can't fix. They have depleted the money my husband left me. I have extreme tremors that make it almost impossible to do anything like eating. I need a new roof, my refrigerator and washer & dryer are dying and I have some electric and plumbing problems. Ever since my husband died my house has become a free boarding house cause somebody needs a place to live. I have to fuss to get any help around the house, I have no way of fixing anything and I feel like I have made this mess so I have no right to expect God to fix it. I know I have been blessed more than I could ever count and I am so thankful for everything the Lord has done for me. It's just right now I am up against a wall and I don't know what to do.
Thank you that is so uplifting encouraging Sometimes I have to remind myself that yes God loves me and I am so grateful for that
I need yo be reminded, with verse in Ephesians 2:8-10, we need to read it memorize it and meditate it.
Only He could transform me and set me free from my thoughts.
Amen! It takes 22 days to form a habit so if u want to rid the habit of uncontrolled destructive thoughts one must replace old one's with new one's. That's thoughts & habits. Read the Word habitually for 22 days and do not answer that bell when it rings a negative thought because that's just negative stimuli that your nervous system will respond to. Our nervous system which operates our emotions is connected to our thoughts, our imaginations, as humans we emotionally respond to our own mental pictures . We impose our own negatives. Our nervous system cannot tell the difference between a real experience & one that is vividly imagined. (Which is good and bad) I tell myself not to answer that bell just like u don't always have to answer that phone when it rings. You don't have to respond to what makes u feel fearful, anxious, insecure. It does take some effort 'not' to respond 'emotionally' to what's 'not real' it helps to have reminders though, like say "don't answer that bell" when u get a disturbing thought even a minor one it goes back to forming the right habits.
Thank you Nat! I needed to hear this today! God Bless, Kevin
To confirm and transform. Amen.
Thank you pastor net for God word
Such a powerful message about our thoughts, transformation, and why we are God's masterpiece.
Thank you very much pastor Nat
Praise God that I have him to guide and love me
reading God's word is the best medicine for me.