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Know the Truth and Pursue It! 

Air Date: 11/10/20 - The messages of our culture are often shallow, surface waves of lies, but the passion and influence of these lies eventually chip away at your soul.  So, when you hear, “Don’t be so rigid,“ or, “Don’t be close-minded,” what do you do?  Today Nat Crawford shares the apostle Paul’s warnings on this matter and encourages you to know and pursue the truth!  

Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford


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2 years ago
Thank Pastor Nat for this insight, this help me to think what I am doing right now.
2 years ago
Lord, help me to keep my eyes on your truth and not be swayed by others that want me to conform to the lies from the enemy.
2 years ago
Such an amazing pastor!!
2 years ago

Lord, empower me to stay focused and committed to You, and not to be led astray by anyone or anything. Help me to stand "firm and faithful".
2 years ago
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