Keep Walking pt. 1 - Win the Day

Keep Walking pt. 1

Air Date: 11/18/20 - Walks are healthy, enjoyable, even productive IF you don’t get distracted along the way! Today Pastor Nat Crawford coaches you to be intentional and go forward in your spiritual journey by daily walking with the Spirit.  


Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford


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Thank you I needed to hear this today
Very encouraging and important message. Keep walking and fuel up on the Bible and prayers.
We should keep on walking and going forward for the sake of Christ.
Love it, Very encouraging. Thanks.
Thanks Pastor Nat, I needed to be reminded of this today! Holy Spirit, please empower me today to persevere and continue walking with God. I need Your help in moving closer to Jesus my Saviour!
Keep pedaling
Wow, this is exactly me. Thanks a lot. I am grateful.