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Judges - Constant Sin and a Constant Deliverer 


Air Date: 5/9/22 - “And the people did what was evil in the sight of the Lord.” That’s the recurring theme of the Book of Judges, and of the human race. However, as Jacob Wirka explains, there is a deliverer standing by!


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19 days ago
Lord Jesus, I want to escape the cycle of sin and its attendant consequences. Help me to turn to You, as I seek to find a place in Your kingdom. Keep me calm and serene and without having to keep starting over again.
19 days ago
The Book of Judges is definitely a book of sin and disobedience! And the World we live in is no deference!!!
19 days ago
Amen 🙏
19 days ago
The Lord has come through for me every time I am sick, and I am so grateful to Him!
19 days ago
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