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Job – Who’s the Boss?


Air Date: 5/21/22 - Why does God allow the suffering of the righteous? Is He there? Does He care? Join Pastor Nat as he studies the Book of Job for the answers. 


Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford

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7 days ago
Heavenly Father, our life is in Your hand and we cannot alter one centimeter of it. But Father, help us to encourage others to walk humbly and uprightly before You so that in the end, You will reward those who remained faithful to Your Son, Jesus.
7 days ago
I know what it is like to go through so many things that I wondered what the purpose of it was. I may never know, but slowly, I am accepting that. All I know is God is Great and I want to be with Him Forever.
7 days ago
8 days ago
Amen Yes 🙌🏽
8 days ago
Submitting to Gods will each day in my aged state gives me huge peace and comfort. Grace upon grace.
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