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Jesus Is the Way


Air Date: 3/23/21 - The connection between God the Father and Jesus His Son can be confusing, but it is vitally important to understand!  Pastor Nat explains this amazing relationship and the impact it has on your life today, and forever!


Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford


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So true thank you lord for our messiah. The lamb of God has been so great to us all. It’s a wonderful feeling to know he has faced the same trial and tribulation of temptation that we all face everyday. Heavenly Father thank you sending the jesus in the flesh to rid us all of our sins. In Jesus name thank you lord amen 🙏🏿
This is true,, one can come to the father thorough Jesus Christ, he is the truth , the way, and the life. Thank you Jesus for making away to the father.
Pastor Nat, I can definately use some resources.
Hi Pastor Nat. I know there are a lot of other religions out there..... and basically I do think if you get to lead a good life... somehow Jesus will Save you. He'll give you one last inspiration of (what it's all about, and then let you decide). But I firmly believe Jesus IS THE WAY TO HEAVEN. I guess I don't understand why Christians would deny that (Jesus, is IT.). It's funny when I was little, elementary school... I found myself just "talking with Jesus" like all the time..... and one day I said to him...(I believe you are my friend)... how ironic the next weeks homily... scolded "us, for thinking, Jesus is our friend" . That he was a king. .. blah, blah, blah... Yet, in MY heart, I felt guilt, shame.. all these things... like I truly didn't mean to disrespect Jesus. .I was just young, kind of alone, and spent so much time just (talking to him).. then I was told " that was bad. Not appropriate..... so I??? I probably distanced myself from him. How sad. In think that is when I thought.. if you live a good life.. you will go to Heaven. But I Know that you need to go through Jesus. And I am now believing he will give you that(last opportunity) is up to you if you will take it or not.
Great message. Thank you.
This is a message that engenders in me eternal gratitude for being baptized and confirmed a Christian. Moreover, I am grateful that Jesus is so clear and straight by his direction, in a world that is clouded with murkiness and deception. I am unsure if I live up to God's expectations. However, I have made my life's choice to follow. How our faith intersects with the religions of the world is more challenging.
Amen. Jesus all the way.
Thank you for this Truth. Praise God for your daily posting. I know people who pray to angels and say they believe in Jesus. BTB helps me know how to respond to these people.
They haven't let go the steering wheel to let our Lord Jesus drive. Trust. There's no other way, our Lord Jesus is the only way. Amen!
Wow, what an opportunity. If you need resources, let me know! I'm praying for open doors and an open heart!
Thanks, Chaz. This past Sunday at church, our pastor talked about this. It reminded me that a person can be a disciple and not a Christian, but you can't be a Christian without being a disciple. The disciples were following Jesus with many other disciples, but many dropped off. They didn't believe. The apostles did believe imperfectly and struggled, but they were committed. I pray we will be faithful in the struggle!
Carolyn, I am glad you're here. I was raised in a Christian home, school, church, etc. And There were those years that I wandered. I too would drop into church but not until I had a grace-filled "come-to-Jesus" moment did I bow my knee to the King. I'm thankful for God's discipline and calling. I'm glad you're here. Thanks for sharing more of your story!
Today I shared that 34% of "Christians" deny the exclusivity of Jesus' way to God. Why do you think they reject this? Can you be a Christian and deny John 14:6?
Loved this! I am building a relationship with a co-worker who is Muslim. She actually started the conversation about "my God". It is keeping me on my toes, but she is thinking ... Please pray with me that she will come to know Christ as her personal Savior.
Thank you Jesus for providing the Way.
Yes, this is soooo true. As a young woman in my early 20’s many many many years ago, I considered myself a Christian . On all counts I was a believer. I was in school plus working weekends. Then one late evening while doing my laundry in the I stood up from the basket their was a man with nice features.. ( I believe this was an Angel from God) ..and I don’t recall how we got on the subject but he said pray in Jesus name, When I turned from pushing clothes in the washing machine he was gone. I even went outside and he was no where to be seen. Since then it’s been a true calling. I’ve been ‘stuck’ but thank goodness we have the Summit for those times and of course the Pastors and each other,
Thank you for this message today.
Thank you, Lord. Amen.
After having met Jesus many years ago (at least 44 ) , I’m sill amazed at how often he told his disciples “ ye of little faith or slow to believe “. They were with him as he taught in the physical sense . That being said , the same happens today in our part of the world ( the USA ) . But here’s what I’ve noticed, in the book of acts a lady by the the name of Lydia was a God fearing person , and yet it wasn’t until after Paul told her The message of the cross and that Jesus was the only way .God then opens her heart and she now understood no matter how religious she was it just fell short of her needs. Aren’t we all like that in a way. Thanks pastor nat
Carolyn, having a strong foundation is a gift. I'm celebrating with you about what God is doing in your life now. I pray you have a terrific Tuesday. 😊
Vicki as a teacher you have such a wonderful opportunity!! God placed you where he needed you to be. Your questioning about using your role to teach your students about God's love.. means you are doing it!!! 💕 I shall pray that tour burden is lifted, and that you continue to use your gift!! God Bless You!! 🙏😇
Jesus is the only way to the Father! Amen!
I am so glad my parents brought me up in my Catholic Faith. After college.... I sort of left the church for a long while (it was kind of a "Catholic Guilt" thing. I wonder if only Catholics can really understand the concept). So I left. My life was a mess, simply put... I still went to church now and then.. still prayed... but never fully took the time to really know Jesus. I guess today's message REALLY stuck with me.. Like "How is my Catholic/Christian Faith better than being Jewish or a person who lives their life holier than me, but doesn't believe in Jesus??? I guess l felt the good old "guilt" returning. So I continued to run. Then 8 years ago I found a Catholic church where I am very involved in..... 2 years ago I decided to read the Bible from beginning to end... I'm almost finished.. but through that experience... and through these devotionals and teachings, I HAVE LEARNED THAT JESUS IS THE ONLY WAY. I'm still learning how wonderful and amazing God is. How we can be loved so much by someone!!! As a tiny girl I knew my goal was to get to Heaven. I am grateful that my parents brought me to church from when I was born to when I moved to college and left their house. I am so very Blessed that I truly have the GIFT OF FAITH. Now I just need to learn how to put all of this stuff into practice!!! Thank you for your teachings Pastor Nat. You bring a new perspective into things I already had on the "tip of my nose". I love this app. These wonderful sisters and brothers. And I'm so thankful to be part of this AMAZING FAMILY!! For all of you who read this... thank you. I hope you have a Blessed Day!! 🙏💕😇
I agree 100%! And my heart is so burdened for those I come in contact with each day. As a teacher, please pray that I will use each opportunity that God brings to me to point my students to the Lord.
Amen,Heavenly father as you are the holy flesh desended from above i thank you every day oh holy God for thy blessing you restored upon myself, family, friends even thy enemies who i pray mighty father to continue bless me and others the strength, courage to go forth and continue to encourage others of thy word.