Is Wealth a Sin? - Win the Day


Is Wealth a Sin?


Air Date: 3/22/22 - Is material wealth a sin? Does it matter what we do with our resources? Join Pastor Nat for the challenging answers.


Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford

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2 months ago
than you
3 months ago
I was raised in The 80's when my generation was taught if you didn't become a Yuppie, you were nothing. How can my generation unlearn this?
3 months ago
I need to remember that none of what I accumulate here on this Earth goes with me when I one day go to Heaven. Therefore I shouldn't worry about wealth. Anything that I receive comes from God, and just as God gave it, He can take it away.
3 months ago
Lord Jesus, please help me to remember Your lesson on wealth, and to apply the principles thereof. Take from me the sin of avarice and useless hoarding of things I may never use. Instead, help me to give liberally to others who are less fortunate than I, and increase my faith in Your providence of all that I need.
3 months ago
ABBA in heaven, let me invest in Your Kingdom and not keep the treasures that You entrusted to me for myself. Make me a good and faithful steward.
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