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Is the Spirit God?


Air Date: 4/5/21 - What, or better yet, Who is the Holy Spirit? Pastor Nat takes you through Old and New Testament writings to track what God has said about His Spirit since the beginning of time. 

Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford


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Thank you Janice - I will let our team know!
Hi Pastor Nat. Shalom! Thanks for helping us to understanding who the Holy Spirit is and He is fully GOD. By the way, I just want to make comment on the slide that you mentioned Psalm 139 but it showed Genesis 1:2 instead. May God bless you!
My pleasure! Glad to be here!
Mary, thank you for sharing this. I am very sorry for your estrangement. That must be very hard. I am praying for peace, comfort, and perseverance. The Spirit is our helper and our comforter in the good and bad times. Thankful.
Thank you pastor nat For being my Coach
It is awesome as I am away from my home and husband with a person who struggles with alcohol . The Holy Spirit is with me , guiding me . Helping me be a source of comfort .
Thank you.
The Father knew us before we given life. God took for as a Human walking this earth as Jesus Christ to set the example of how we are to live. The Holly Bible is Jesus Christ Love story to us again how we are to live as He lived. Because Jesus Loved us first chose us He came to give us life back through Him alone. Jesus taught us as He walked and gave His life shedding The Blood of Our One True Savior King Creator Healer Redeemer our Way Truth Life and Light. He shed His Blood as "One" in The name of The Father Son and Holly which is The Holly Trinity. God was, God is, God will always be. We must turn to God in each form as "One". Father The Holly Bible is clear The Love Story of Jesus Christ who told us speaking of The Father, Son and Holly Spirit as One. Because You lived then gave Your Life Father to give us life through You alone. He shed The Blood of Jesus Christ Our Savior Creator. Thank You Jesus everything I've needed Lord You have always been Thank Jesus in Your Blessed Glorified Faithful name Jesus Amen
Thank you for this message today.
Thanks for the clarifying truth from the Bible. Praise God for the daily 5 min.
It's a constant dance for me. Much like other relationships. Intentionality is key!
My pleasure. As I study and teach, I grow as well. Very grateful to be here with you all!
I am praying for your conversation. I pray the Spirit moves your friend!
Me too Carolyn. There is no doubt that the Spirit is God and living inside every believer. The question often is "so what?" How do I manifest the relationship with Him. We'll continue exploring this subject in the coming days!
Yes!! Amen!
Maureen I love how you described God as a Comforter!!! It's such a warm and loving image. 💕
Hi Clyde, I do the same thing. I talk to God a lot. First thing when I wake up and throughout the day. I also ask what his purpose for my day is!! I'm learning on trying to build a relationship with the Holy Spirit. God Bless You.. and have a wonderful day! 💕🙏💕🙏
Amen N Yes I have the Holy Spirit!
I am glad that I have the bible God's Word, show me how to live a Christian life.
I tended to ignore the Holy Spirit until this Bible study. Now I pray and talk to him all the time. What a gift!
I am so glad that God is always near and that I can and do talk to him waking up and when I go to bed. I thank him for the life he has given me and ask what his will is for me today!
I am so thankful for God thank you Pastor Nat for your words of help
Amen i am greatful for each day of my life,because without him i have nothing.
Thank you Lord for my Comforter. Your Holy Spirit is always there, always. Better than a best friend. In Jesus name I pray and walk with you. Amen
I should be sharing my faith with a friend either today or in very near future. Please pray the Spirit help me to speak and for the Spirit to work in heart and mind of my listening unbeliever friend.
Thank you, Lord. Amen.
I'm guilty of forgetting about the Holy Spirit when it comes to getting to know God better. It's funny the last 6 months I have really tried to get to know him as God and as a friend. I've been talking to him trying to hear his voice as he guides me in which directions to go. I think it's awesome that God gave us the Holy Spirit to live in us and to be our advocate as we go through life. Dear Holy Spirit, please help me get to know you as a part of me. Help me to hear your voice and learn how to interact with you. I humbly pray in Jesus's name Amen 🙏