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Is the Bible Actually God’s Word? 


Air Date: 3/29/21 - The Bible contains history, poetry, and the wisdom of the ages. But is it the actual inspired Word of God? That’s the question Pastor Nat tackles today as he kicks off this week’s look into the claims of the Bible.


Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford


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God uses men to be insoirted to record the Bible in which God;s bible is very true.
ALL Scripture is inspired by God. Every single Word. Amen.
I believe that God the Spirit directed each writer with divine Truth.
Thank you
I believe that the Bible is God's Word!
Oh Carolyn how we agree The are The True words of God through Jesus Christ Our Savior. I hope you have had a chance to watch The Chosen I believe this will as well show that KJ which leads to NKJV is The Teachings of Jesus Christ standing on God's Truth. Heat testimony 😇
Debra glad you were able to do do and what it has done for you. I read only The True Word of God in KJ into NKJV. Then I read daily to study the Truth of God's Word giving by Jesus Christ as The True teaching we are to live by helping us to become more like Jesus and less like us. If you have not seen The Chosen I would recommend that You take time to watch it. By downloading the app it's free and you can help so others worldwide come to know Jesus Christ. God Bless You and Keep You Always in His Grace.
Facts will never change of God's Word! From KJ which leads into NKJV version. These are the Words of God, though many translations were written many leave out God in those translations. God word was is and will remain as Genesis from KJ leads into NKJV as God's word. Father I Believe Your every word as Jesus stated every word as the True word of God. Every word is The Truth of You Father and I will remain to stand on The Foundation and Solid Rock of Your every word. We follow the every word as Jesus taught us to do to become more like Jesus and less like us, to Trust in the word and Doctrain of Jesus Christ. Father I Praise and Thank You for Your Mercy's and Grace made New each Morning and The Truth of Your every word in Jesus name Amen.
Thank you. I do believe the Bible is true.
I Truly believe that the bible teach the truth,what is needed is the understand of the words that are written from the holy book.
Absolutely TRUE!!!!! The Bible indeed speaks! I must admit that I struggle with some of the OT - inventory of items, some of the genealogies and dimensions of things - not sure why those verses are there, but in time God will show me. I recently completed a "Rapid Bible Read Thru" (RBRT) where I read the entire Bible in just under 4 months. This is NOT in lieu of daily time normally spent in Scripture and one must always put this time first. But it was amazing as I read it rapidly, it was like reading a movie (especially in the OT) and how quickly connections between the OT and NT and sometimes popped. It made our RBRT team realize in a fresh way how much God longs for a initiate relationship with us and one can see how deep and profound His love for us has been since the beginning of time. This is a very beneficial exercise, especially when done chronologically. I hope to be able to do this yearly. In my case it brought the OT and myself into a completely different "relationship".
What a great picture: old friends. I will have to use that! I try to read two chapters of the OT and one of the NT each day. That gets me through the OT once and the NT twice. It's nice habit that provides new discoveries each time I read it!
For study and preaching, I use the NASB and ESV. For WtD, I use the NLT. It's very readable. When the translation is "off" I bring in other translations or definitions.
Thank you! That's why we do what we do!
Awesome!!! 😀🙏😀🙏
Pastor Nat uses the NLT translation most of the time.
This is a Great question. Please share with us, Pastor. As we know that various translations have added/omitted words, which translation is the one that you feel is closest to the original Greek and Hebrew? Greek is such a specific language (many definitions for one word; "Love", for example") You are so knowledgeable and we Thank you so much for sharing that knowledge with us! May our Heavenly Father continue to Bless your efforts😇
Love the short concise message. Easy to take 5 minutes during the day to learn and grow
Jesus changed me.
whar bible translation does Nate use
Thank you, Lord. Amen.
Great witness story Carolyn. 👍
I'm so glad a few years ago I decided to pick up my Bible and just start reading it from beginning to end. Yes, parts of the Old Testament were hard.. but I continued on. I realized that if I were to fully appreciate The New Testament, I needed to know what The Old Testament was saying. And it's true.. The New Testament really does reference The Old Testament. I must admit I'm still not finished. I'm in the Book of Hebrews. It was funny when I started to read the Bible, around 6-8 months in, somehow I got into reading devotionals. Then trying to memorize certain passages of Scripture. All of this takes time, but it's leading me to Spiritual Growth. I always figured The Bible will always be around.... and I will finish reading God's word. I guess right now his plan for me is to really read all the scriptures that are stared in these devotionals so that they become like "Old friends". And it's true!! God really does speak to us from the Scriptures. Thank You God for giving us your words. I am blessed that I truly believe it's YOU talking with me!! 🙏😇💕😇🙏
I believe.