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Is the Bible Actually God's Word?


Air Date: 8/10/22 - The Bible contains history, poetry, and the wisdom of the ages. But is it the actual inspired Word of God? That’s the question Pastor Nat tackles today as he kicks off this week’s look into the claims of the Bible.


Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford

Today's message is part of our "Looking Back - Moving Forward" series that runs through the end of August. This is a collection of our best episodes from the past year and a half so days and dates mentioned in the program may not be current. We are looking forward to sharing another brand new series on September 5!

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6 days ago
Thank you lord for thy words daily to grow in knowledge and faith that will make us stronger with thy help in our lives. Amen.
7 days ago
Thank you Jesus for the Bible your inspired word to us .
7 days ago
Amen Amen
7 days ago
Lord God, Your Word is true in all circumstances. Keep me aligned in Your Word so that I may get to know and follow You more closely. Lord, help me to be more knowledgeable of who You are and grant me the presence of Your Spirit whenever I read Your Word. Amen.
7 days ago ( updated 7 days ago )
We know that Peter spent the remainder of his life in a cave because he didn’t like the direction of the church that was moving toward wealth and he wanted no part of it. Therefore was the church using the Word of God to gain wealth for themselves when it really wasn’t God word. You also have to take it into account that doing this time in the early Christianity no one was allowed to read or even own a copy of the Bible therefore we were actually told what was and what wasn’t the word of God. Either way that fact was the same. Within any country what the religious believe of the King or ruler the entire kingdoms had to worship that religion and it was sacrilege to do otherwise and some people even lost their life if they didn’t follow what the church said. Therefore again was this God law or was it the law of man to gain wealth for personal gain. Remember the Catholic Church eventually form the banking system because they became that wealthy and they had France to go to war with England because Henry the VIII pulled away from the Catholic Church so he could Marry Anne Boleyn. As we know by events in America today the true get lost in a cesspool of lies where as people only believe what they have been told, but the true facts are facts that will never goes away and sooner or later that truth will always set your soul free when or if the real truth finally gets embraced. Saying that a lie is the truth doesn’t make it so, yet it appears that more and more people are finding it is much easier to believe a lie than it is to believe the actual truth what ever that truth may be. The best way to get through this cesspool is to pray to God the Father of Creating and ask him to show you the light of truth. Don’t just take the word of man, like it been said; “In God We Trust” therefore ask God for the answer and wait for God to provide you with that answer. God will speak to those who are true believers of him and believe that God will eventually give you the answer that you seek. How many time have you heard that God doesn’t contact just anyone only his chosen. God speak you just don’t hear what God is saying because most of the time it wasn’t what you wanted to hear therefore you just tune it out. I say to you to day is to listen when you pray for God answer, it could come as a voice or as as dream, it could even be a note that you unable to find who left it and mostly it won’t be what you want to hear but it will always be what you actually need to hear, what you do once God speak well that the choice you have the right to make. I myself have not always did what God have said and I have paid the price for doing so. I told God why should I save someone who would rather see me exterminated from this earth. You see I saw people who are just so evil that I’m sorry I just could save them from the evil that was Lurking in the shadows invading peoples dreams.
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