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Is Satan Real?

Air Date: 10/14/21 - Who is Satan? Does he really exist? If so, why does he seem to have so much power? Join Pastor Nat as he tries to understand this Biblical menace.

Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford

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13 days ago
Satan mixes his lies with a bit of truth .
Most of us would tell you “ I would never fall for a lie”. But the fact is unless our thinking lines up with what Gods word teaches , we may have already believed satans lie .
Don’t take my word for it dig into Gods word
13 days ago
Lord Jesus, save me from that roaring lion who is after my soul. Cover me with Your mighty hand and protect me from his insidious temptations with things of the flesh and the temporary lure of trinkets from the world. Help me to trust in You only. Amen.
1 reply
9 days ago
I was so insecure, craving anything and anyone outside of myself. , are FreeFleshly things that made me feel good for a while, but they did not last cry out to God, and if you really believe, that he will set you free, and are willing to let him be the Lord, of your life? Slowly you will see Jesus working for you , and those of us who are free in Him, are free indeed . 🙏🙏
14 days ago
Amen, The devil is a lier, i rebuked him.
14 days ago
Satan is alive and well in Nancy Pelosi.
2 replies
13 days ago
We need to pray for her and the leaders of this country! Salvation is available for all who desire it!
13 days ago
She is causing a world of hurt to my flesh, but not as much hurt as she is causing to her eternity.

Nancy needs us to pray that she hears from Jesus and receives Him....
14 days ago
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