Is Hell Real? - Win the Day


Is Hell Real?


Air Date: 10/20/21 - Does hell exist? If so, who will go there? Are there ways to escape hell? Join Pastor Nat as he studies this debated topic.


Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford

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3 days ago
Please pray for my nephew. His name is Dustin. In All ways but one he's a wonderful young man. He's an ER nurse. Helps out in the cancer ward, staying with those who have no one or those who seem to need help, praying with they and their families. He is gay, has a live in boyfriend. They found a "church" that tells them it's ok to live their life as they are. He believes in God and lives a Christian life in every other way. Sigh! I've given him books and tried to talk to him. Walking a fine line between letting him know I love him and trying to convince him he will go to Hell for his actions. I need help. So does he.
6 days ago
Lord Jesus, I know that one day I will die and after that I will face judgment. Lord, I am doing everything that will ensure that my name is written in the Book of Life. Help me Lord.
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6 days ago
if you accepted Jesus as savior there is nothing else that you can do or need to do to be in heaven, no need to try and add to it because we have nothing to add.
7 days ago
7 days ago
8 days ago
Pastor Nat Thank You for your opening, I could not agree with you more! Our Government 90% have turned their backs on We The People. For selfserving not Serving as they are to do for We The People.
When we have Millionaires and Billionaires in Congress and the House, who seek to line their pockets it is disgraceful.

As to those who loot and steal what does not belong to them, simply put partly because of Our Government. Is yes wrong in every way. It is then they forget that money is the root of all evilness! God provides our every need. When we are Blessed with plenty we are to pay it forward not keep it.
We are to serve as Jesus served and remains serving us daily.

Yet I still believe and pray that they will turn back as I pray for Jesus to touch their hearts. Father says even in those last moments call out to me and I will receive you. That being said I pray they do not wait. For hell is not where anyone should want to be no matter the book showing the punishment they will receive Eternally.

As well Thank for today's lesson it should hit hard for Believers and none believers. Let us pray for those were are lost in Jesus Christ Gracious name Amen.
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