Is Heaven that Great? - Win the Day


Is Heaven That Great?

Air Date: 9/7/21 - If Heaven is so great, why do we struggle to long for it? If eternity is so compelling, why do we live for today? Join Pastor Nat as he cultivates the right view of eternity.

Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford

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10 months ago
This indeed live each new day don't just just be alive! Live, Love, Laugh, Share, Serve, do not look back the past is gone! Look up always be humble, kind, respectful, be willing to give or help in anyway we can. For every moment is a Blessing to see the beauty Father created.

It is leads than a blink of the eye when Father calls us Home! Thus do not get angry it only waste presence time and hurts us. We all well most are Thankful but listen just learn to fly yes fly high on the the path of Jesus. That day will come when we all answer for what we did and did not do that we should have. I believe we will see all we missed while here simply from anger, material things, selfserving.

We are all sinners but remember Forgiveness has been given. Please do not think so much on things, live, live for Jesus.
For our True Faith Hope is that day when we get to see Jesus in Heaven and a new earth, no pain no hate no shame just the beautiful shades of colors of Love Jesus made us. Then we will see those colors are all beautiful just as they are here.

Matthew, Paul and Andrew we all have a little of each just as many are like Mary, Mary, Miriam, Ruth, Eve. So let us live and not just be alive. In that living let us Live for and as Jesus did. Love God Love each other.

Thank You Lord for all You have done and continue to do each new day. Thank You for The Holly Spirit of You teaching us to become more like You Father, in Jesus name Amen
10 months ago
Amen,God bless you pastor nat, very good devotional.
10 months ago
10 months ago
Thank you, Lord. Amen.
10 months ago
Praise God!
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