Is Heaven On Earth? pt. 1 - Win the Day

Is Heaven On Earth? pt. 1 Air Date: 3/10/20 - Bryan Clark challenges us to reject the idea that God is going to destroy the Earth. Instead, he invites us to grasp what the Bible really says: God is going to redeem it. He's going to establish a new Heaven and a new Earth. We will be given new physical bodies—and we will reign forever with Him. Back to the Bible Presents: Bryan Clark We welcome your comments, questions, and responses. Please feel free to leave them below! If you want to share this Daily Bible Teaching with friends and family, here is the link:
Thank you Brian a very great message
You must get rid of the “commercials “ that interrupt the lesson. It’s distracting, and it can be difficult to get refocused on the message. I really enjoy listening to the messages, and I’m learning quite a bit from them. I just get distracted from the interruption.
This is the most interesting how great Our God is really is.