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Invited into God’s Family

Air Date: 1/15/21 - On the outside looking in” is an awkward position to be in, especially when you want to experience unity and closeness with others. Today Pastor Nat shares the invitation Jesus extends to you to join God’s family, a family closely united by the grace and love of our Savior!  


Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford


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Thank you, Randy! Yes, God's Word is the power, so let us not be ashamed of the gospel, but bold in its declaration. Nineveh was spared by acceptance of just 5 words. I pray we as a country will repent and respond.
Nancy, thank you for this. I (and the team at BttB) will be praying for you. The feeling of rejection and loneliness can be hard to battle...even with the love of God surrounding us. I pray you feel this love and the encouragement from the Church! Amen!
Thank you for that prayer, Joey!
My name is Randy but Sunny is good. I enjoy the studies on your programs. American wake up we need to get out there and till people that God's out there for them. We as Christians need to teach and to preach his words to those that don't know of his mercy and love. Else we've nothing GOD'S WORD IS ALL THAT CAN SAVE US AMEN JESUS SAVIOUR LOVER OF OUR SOULS WILL NOT LET US DOWN AT LEAST HE'LL GIVE US A CHANCE. IT IS FOR ALL THAT WILL COME TO BELIEVE. AGAIN AMEN AND AMEN
(NANCY)........ I am depending totally on the blood of Jesus for my salvation. I try to seek Him daily, pour daily into the lives of others, yet find myself empty, , struggling and feeling desperately lonley, unable to feel accepted or loved by those around me. I am hoping by this sharing medium to connect with others in a meaningful way, to uplift and be uplifted. Will you pray for me?
thank you for the reading.
Thank you
I am a Christian that have been graphed in the God's family.
Heavenly Father there is no other Family but Your Family! Father even though we sometimes try to walk opposite of I Praise and Thank You that Lord we can not for You will never leave nor forsake us. I Praise You Lord to know that once in Your Family nothing can separate us from Your Love. We are as it is meant to be "One" Family in You alone Father. I Pray for anyone feeling lonely today that has come to You Father, please draw neaier to them reminding Your children we are never alone or without You! Let us for Your Glory Father Uplifting you to inspire and encourage others to come to know You as we know You. In Jesus Mighty name Amen. Alabado sea Dios solo PS Keep coaching Pastor Nat.
But God. Amen.
Jesus , thank you for inviting and accepting me into your family.
GM Pastor, thanks for those words this blessed morning. There is a hunger in the human heart which nothing but God can satisfy. There is a thirst that noone but He can quench. "I am the bread of life. He who comes to Me will never go hungry. And he who believes in Me will never be thirsty." Jn 6: 27,35 Amen