Invest Where You Cannot Lose - Win the Day


Invest Where You Cannot Lose


Air Date: 12/8/21 - We all want to make it big with our investments. But a bad day in the markets can cause you to lose it all. Join Pastor Nat as he studies infallible investment strategies.


Back to the Bible Presents: Nat Crawford

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7 months ago
May I not be dependent on earthly things but trust you in all things.
7 months ago
Thank Jesus.
7 months ago
Lord Jesus, You didn't think it a waste of time to pursue me even though I ran away from Your presence. Now that I have come to know You and continue to learn about You, help me to train my eyes on someone who needs Your touch and Your embrace, and use me to show that person that You are awaiting them.
7 months ago
Lately, I have been doing my best to get right with God. I have been doing my best to repent of my sins so I can go to Heaven.
Please pray for me about this.
7 months ago ( updated 7 months ago )
My Full investment is in Jesus Christ my Heart, life all He has Blessed me with. I give and surrender back to Him Trusting in His Will not mine or of this earth.

Jesus gave everything for us, we are to be more like Him daily. We are to uplifting in this world not put down. We are to pay it forward without asking in return. To be humble, kind, honest doing all things for The Love of Jesus Christ not this world.
If we think about Jesus say to find Joy in all things! Even those days that may appear to be trials lean in feel that pain for Jesus is there with us in that pain. Teaching us to Trust in Him alone. My Heart Trust in Jesus and I surrender all to Him. It is a kind word that can truly brighten another's day.
Ask Jesus to keep our eyes wide open to see all His Blessings, be it a trial, goodness or using us to lift those we know need to be.
Never be ashamed for our bank accounts to be in Jesus first, if we believe, trust, hope, Love and have Faith nothing can stop us.
For Jesus goes before us just feel His The uch and know through his Holly Spirit He is teaching us all things. For He is The all knowing and will always be.

Father all I am all I have are True Blessing from You. Thank You Lord that You know our every need even when we did not know we needed it. I Love You Father Thank You for being with us, covering us. For You are helps me to remember I'll be ok, please Bless and give all Your Children to know they will be ok for Your Promises never fail us, in Jesus name Amen
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